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After a long weekend of listening to White House nonsense, and a Monday afternoon filled with rage-tweeting from the president himself, we were long overdue for something that doesn’t make us sick just listening. And it’s like Keith Olbermann was reading our minds, because he’s just in time with a new episode of The Resistance, his web video series for GQ‘s online edition.

In this showing, entitled “We Cannot Have A President Under Investigation,” Keith read (in a sometimes-funny voice) from a document that he tells you at the outset he did not write himself. But he loved it so much that he decided to put it on his show as a perfect example of why Donald Trump should not be president. In part, the paper says:

We cannot have a country run by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations, potential indictments and never-ending hearings…[W]hether he’s indicted or even guilty, it doesn’t matter.”

Setting down the page, Keith begins to read from the prompter:

How do you think the world is going to look at the United States when a manunder federal criminal investigation, who’s lied repeatedly to the American people, is elected?”

As Olbermann finishes the monologue, he finally does the big reveal — that it was the last-ditch push by Judge Jeanine Pirro, immutable Trump fan and world-class dumbass, to convince people not to vote for Hillary Clinton. How true her words have come today. And all it took for Keith to transpose it to an accurate depiction of the Trump presidency so far was a gender pronoun swing:

I changed all the she’s to he’s — Ain’t I a stinker?”

Watch the epic troll here:

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