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Watch: Kellyanne Ticks Off Millions After Revealing Trump’s Plans for 2020

Kellyanne Conway made an appearance on a Sunday show on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

The White House adviser ripped apart a New York Times article published Saturday.

This article suggests that Mike Pence may be going head to head against Donald Trump as president in 2020.

Many liberals were triggered who were expecting that President Trump might be stepping aside, as Kellyanne Conway named the article “complete fiction” and affirmed that Donald Trump has long terms plans to work in the White House, Conservative Tribune reports.

The reply came right after Stephanopoulos questioned Conway about the report, which “cites interviews with 75 Republicans at every level of the party.”

“They say they expressed widespread uncertainty about president — whether President Trump will run in 2020,” Stephanopoulos said. “Are you convinced he wants to run again and what do you make of the story?”

“The president says privately and publicly often, George, that he’ll be there for seven-and-a-half more years. So he plans on being a two-term president,” Conway answered, proceeding on to criticize the Republicans quoted in the article.

“First of all, I think that in the Republican Party for many decades, we have suffered from what I call staff infection — people who are rewarded for losses. Most of the people quoted, most of the people involved, I’m sure, have never won a national political campaign like the one I was involved in and you were involved in years ago,” she replied.

“And I want to make a remark about Vice President Pence. I’ve worked with him for ten years as his pollster, as his senior adviser, and certainly work with him daily in the White House. It is absolutely true that the vice president is getting ready for 2020, for reelection as vice president”

“I would tell my Republican brethren: get on board. Help us with tax reform and health reform and stop looking at 2020,” Conway replied.


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