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Trump Just Started A Brand New Business Overseas; Flat Out Lies To Millions Of Americans

Remember when the Trump administration said they would have no foreign business deals during Trump’s presidency? Well, like always, they have broken another promise made to millions of Americans.

According to information obtained by the Associated Press, a Trump Organization company has applied for four new trademarks in the Asian gambling hub of Macau, including one for casinos. That’s right, Trump is giving the old casino business another try, even though he filed for bankruptcy on his first attempt.

The new applications highlight the ethical complexity of maintaining the family branding empire while Donald Trump serves as president, and are likely to stoke speculation about the organization’s future business intentions in Macau, where casino licenses held by other companies come up for renewal beginning in 2020.

In February 2016, the Trump Organization sold its stake in Trump Entertainment Resorts, which operated the Atlantic City casinos. The Trump Taj Mahal, once a symbol of Trump’s gambling empire in New Jersey, was bought out by Hard Rock International earlier this year and will be converted into a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

After claiming that his businesses would never come before the country, it makes you wonder why on earth Trump would even consider giving the casino business another try as president. It could easily be because he’s running out of places to launder his dirty money, or he thinks he’s above the law and rules don’t apply to him. To be on the safe side, let’s just say it’s all of the above. Nevertheless, there is something terribly wrong with this. Apparently,  four back to back bankruptcies did not teach the self-proclaimed billionaire a lesson.






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