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Sheriff Clarke Breaks His Silence, Just Backed Up Trump In A Critical Way

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin nearly took on an important position in President Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security. Unfortunately, Clarke was forced to withdraw his nomination for the job following a campaign by liberals to tarnish his reputation.

Thankfully, Clarke did not let this unfortunate episode dim his active support for President Trump. Despite keeping a low profile recently, Clarke just came out with a powerful message to back Trump.

Clarke appeared on The Schnitt Show on NewsmaxTV and told the program’s host Rita Crosby how happy he is that Trump is increasing enforcement to fight America’s problem with opioids. Said Clarke, “It’s a big voice and when the president talks, as you know, people listen.”

He added, “They’ll bring federal resources now to this epidemic, really, this horrible scourge that’s been sweeping the country. Many deaths, as you know, but you’ve got to have a multi-pronged approach. I think President Trump understands that we have to look at how we’re prosecuting heroin dealers and what I’m seeing right now, which I’m railing about back here in Milwaukee, Wis. is treating heroin dealers just like any other dealer.”

Clarke continued, “A dealer in marijuana, a dealer in small possession amounts of cocaine and they’re throwing them in with that, they’re using all of these soft, if you will, prosecution methods to deal with heroin dealers. These guys are peddling poison.” Are you glad Clarke spoke out in support of what Trump is doing? Watch below:

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