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Donald Trump is currently on his golfing vacation and spending most of his time away from the golf course on Twitter. As you can imagine, many of his tweets and tantrums have revolved around battling the ‘fake news’ media as he grows increasingly nervous about his Russia investigation, which continues to close in on him.

On Monday, Trump went after the ‘failing’ New York Times, promoting one of his favorite alternative facts. Here’s some of what Trump tweeted yesterday about the newspaper:

Trump couldn’t make himself seem any more desperate for attention, and he soon regretted it. Just a few hours after those attacks, the New York Times obliterated Trump’s tantrum by swiftly responding to Trump with the facts. The Times said that they were not only “extremely proud” of their Trump coverage, but that the newspaper was boasting a record number of paid subscribers and is “thriving” more than ever. Trump probably wishes he could say the same about his approval rating!

That is incorrect. NYT’s business is thriving. Most ever paid subs: 3.3 million, and growing profit, income and revenues.”

The New York Times was defending a story it had published on Sunday regarding a Republican shadow campaign for 2020, which apparently set off Trump.

The New York Times has been a target on Trump’s sh*t list for quite some time, but despite his repeated attacks, the media outlet only continues to succeed. Thanks to Trump, Americans are now more willing to put their trust in the free press than the White House due to the lies that have come from Trump and his corrupt administration.

So Trump can whine and tweet all he wants, but it appears that no one is listening. Unlike Trump’s presidency, America’s media is more popular than ever. If Trump actually spent as much time doing his job as journalists do, things might look a little different for him.

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