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No More! President Trump Sends His Legal Team To Meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

President Trump for sure is losing patience about Mueller’s witch hunt investigation so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team will meet with President Trump’s legal team “as soon as next week,” reports CNN.

President Donald Trump’s private lawyers are slated to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller and members of his team as soon as next week for what the President’s team considers an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the next steps in Mueller’s probe, according to sources familiar with the matter. While the lawyers have met with Mueller’s team before and might again, the sources believe the upcoming meeting has greater significance because it comes after the completion of interviews of White House personnel requested by the special counsel and after all requested documents have been turned over. Mueller could still request more documents and additional interviews.

[…]Trump’s lawyers are finding one other hopeful sign: The special counsel has asked the White House for a limited scope of documents related to the President directly, largely having to do with the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, two of the sources familiar with the matter told CNN. That could indicate limited interest in Trump himself, the lawyers believe.

Mueller’s probe is facing extraordinary public relations headwinds following reports the special counsel’s office removed an FBI agent who expressed anti-Trump views.

This week, Fox News published a portion of the approximately 10,000 texts messages sent between FBI agent Peter Strzok and lawyer Lisa Page. Among the messages is an exchange revealing Strzok and Page discussed an ‘insurance policy,’ against a Trump presidency.

Lisa Page also sent a text to Peter Strzok saying, ‘Trump should go f*ck himself’.

Trump standing up, he has the courage to clean all this up, get to the full facts and reset the whole investigation to look at everything here, from the original Clinton investigation, and justice to be finally served.

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