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BREAKING NEWS About OBAMA – He’s Forced To Give It Up!

In the last 24 hours, Obama had the time to make a pact with Muslim terrorists, and allegedly this will go down as the biggest scandal in America’s history.

In order to satisfy Iran, Obama made the FBI and DEA to drop the charges against Hezbollah’ drug-trafficking and money-laundering business.

He did this not so his nuclear deal with Iran won’t be disrupt. But now, our new President has had enough and he is about to make Obama go down. He will finally get the award that he truly deserve.

If you list all the acts that Obama did in order to betray our country, that list won’t have an end. Although he got away with his crimes while he was leading our country, now the justice is coming back to haunt him. The GOP launched an investigation into Obama’s deal with Hezbollah and his people.

But this is not it. Israel, the country that is mostly affected by Hezbollah have turned against Obama, demanding that he return the Nobel Peace Price that he won when he was a President.

The Jerusalem Post published reports from several eminent politicians, demanding that Obama should return the “peace” award in light of his treason against Israel. According to the Jerusalem Post:

“Obama must return his Nobel Peace Prize. Israel warned repeatedly that there can be no connection between the nuclear deal and anti-terror activity, certainly against Hezbollah…We also warned of this specifically, because of the proven link between Hezbollah and Iran.”

— Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid

“Up until the Obama Administration, every American President fought terrorism uncompromisingly…I am convinced that the Trump Administration will not turn from that tradition and the outrageous and mistaken policy that was revealed this week will not be repeated.”

— Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi

“It was clear that the government was willing to do anything to reach an agreement, including ignoring Iranian terror that took the lives of hundreds of Americans and Israelis and hundreds of thousands of Syrians. This exposée and others that may be published in the future must strengthen our resolve…[to] change this dangerous agreement.”

— Former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren

“Does anyone still doubt why Obama was bad for Israel and how Trump is better for us?”

— Communications Minister Ayoob Kara

Shortly after news broke of this Obama scandal, one GOP lawmaker began calling for an immediate investigation into Obama’s treason against America, while bringing to light how many of our military troops have died at the hands of very same Hezbollah terrorists that Obama worked relentlessly to protect.

After the news about this scandal went viral, one GOP attorney called an immediate investigation into Obama’s betrayal against our homeland. He enlightened the fact that many U.S. soldiers have died thanks to the Hezbollah’ terrorists that Obama protected.

“These revelations are shocking and infuriating,” Representative Robert Pittenger  said in a statement to Fox News. “While American soldiers were bravely fighting ISIS terrorists, with some paying the ultimate price, the Obama administration reportedly was protecting Hezbollah terrorists who were funding themselves by trafficking illegal drugs.

No wonder President Obama couldn’t bring himself to call them ‘Radical Islamist Terrorists.’”

Charles Krauthammer, political commentator and syndicated columnist,  said that Barack Hussein Obama needs to be immediately put behind bars for his atrocity against America. “If a company did this, a CEO would be in jail right now,” he stated for Fox News.

It is insane how the President of America was the one who worked against it. Instead of protecting his people, Obama worked with Iranian terrorists who yelled “death to America” on the streets.

The biggest problem is not that  Obama shut down the investigation into Hezbollah and cleared his path of drug dealing. The main news is that these money that Hezbollah got with his “business” was used to develop new IED technology that was used to kill American soldiers.

It gets even more shocking.  Besides closing theinvestigation, what the media never discussed is how Obama “committed money laundering when they transferred this $1.7 billion to Iran,” Veteran AF reported.

“Essentially, what President Obama authorized was for funds to be wired from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, converted to Swiss Francs, and the money was then moved to a Swiss National Bank.

Once this was done the Federal Reserve Bank of New York withdrew the funds from the account and then physically transferred the money to an official from the Iranian Central Bank who was waiting on a tarmac in Iran.”

Don’t you think that it is time for Obama to finally be punished for what he did ? The justice is waiting for him. He should be thrown into GITMO with the rest of his terrorists- friends.

The thought of the President betraying the people who choose him to protect them is just SICK! Instead of aiming to make our land great, he aimed in our backs and as always, he let us all down.

How does he even sleep at night?

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Featured Image Source H/T: VeteranAF


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