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IRONY ALERT: Newest Trump TV Anchor Is From Trump’s Biggest ‘FAKE NEWS’ Adversary (VIDEO)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, there seems to be a Trump TV network broadcasting out of Trump tower, and its anchors are as horrible as it’s production quality.

It’s literally as if someone set up a random light bulb and put it next to a camera you purchased at a bulk box store and hit record. Not only that, this lame attempt at state-run media, that undoubtedly will draw in the die-hard Trump fans, now has a new anchor who used to work at Trump’s number one “fake news” adversary — CNN.

That’s right, ultra-conservative Kayleigh McEnany, tweeted out on Saturday morning that she was leaving CNN for a new job:

Watch here:



Yes, that is a real video that is trying to pretend it is “real news”.

The entire video is basically an ode to Trump and how wonderful he supposedly is, but most certainly isn’t. It’s actually something very reminiscent to the state-run media in North Korea that is constantly praising their “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong-un.

And in all honesty, this is far scarier than it is funny.

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