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BREAKING: Leak Exposes Soros’ 49-Page Plan To Destroy Trump – PRAY For Trump

Current proof hints that the strong liberal leaning of the widespread media is part of an organized effort.

 Everything they do is to quiet conservative view points.This trend has to stop immediately.

An inside paper published by the liberal scholar group Democracy Matters–in connection with Hillary Clinton Super PACs and notably-left media companies–revelas the adjusted strategy to ruin President Trump. The latest strategy is to “resist the normalization of Donald Trump”, Christian News Alerts reports.

The paper named “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL” that has 49 pages, is the product of longtime Clinton partner and mudslinger David Brock. Brock is the originator of Media Matters for America. Additionally, throughout the 2016 presidential choice, he ran multiple liberal Super PACs in assistance of Hillary Clinton.

The inside record was published in coordination with Media Matters, American Bridge 21st Century, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue. The note is intended to regulate the story and approach of the progressive groups as they use force over the widespread media. George Soros has been the head contributor for Brock’s leftist groups, providing millions of money since 2012, according to

After its establishing in 2004, Media Matters has turned into a behemoth that exercises absolute authority over the widespread media. A significant editorial has been published on Media Matters web page that is often enough to turn the liberal news story.

Soon after the election of former President Obama, Tucker Carlson of Fox News and The Daily Caller receiveda disclosure from an ex Media Matters staffer who revealed that at first “we were pretty much writing their prime time,” toward MSNBC. “But then virtually all the mainstream media was using our stuff.”

After their beginning, Media Matters has been immediately connected to Hillary and Bill Clinton. Throughout the 2016 election, it is likely Brock disrupted campaign benefaction laws by operating directly with the Clinton operations while controlling many liberal super PACs backing the Clinton nomination.

The left direction of social mainstream media has already started, Google service YouTube is punishing the income roots for conservative video producers, and the Facebook page has linked up with left-wing organizations such as Snopes to “fact check” famous stories in the headlines and cover stories that go against the liberal narrative.

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