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In 2005, Al Franken was busted for taking $875k from children’s club – claimed it was an accident

Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) may have resigned from his position, but his past scandals continue to resurface amid a string of sexual harassment allegations. In one such scandal, Franken and former Air America chairman Evan Montvel Cohen signed a confidential agreement that said the network would repay $875,000 in ill-gotten loans from the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in New York.

According to The Washington Times, Franken first denied being aware of the transfers, and then later called it a mistake. Either way, the Air America radio personality was caught in a loans-from-children scandal that will be added to the growing list of Franken’s transgressions.

Al Franken’s Past Resurfaces
In late 2003 and early 2004, documents show that the Bronx-based non-profit organization transferred $167,000 and another $708,000 to Air America. Franken’s signature appears on a page that was stamped by State of New York Notary Public Wallis Northworth.

Following probes into the taxpayer-subsidized group by the city’s Department of Investigation and the state attorney general into “inappropriate transactions” by Wise, Air America quickly repaid the money that Franken claimed was a “moral obligation.” But Franken’s role in the loans-from-children scandal is what plagues his career.

When the reports came out, Franken first told listeners:

I didn’t know anything about this until late last week.

I am not an investor, and I didn’t see this thing.

Many had believed Franken, especially after Air America CEO Danny Goldberg told the New York Sun that on-air talent “never had any responsibility for this loan.” This appeared to be untrue.

Not only did Franken’s signature appear on a notarized document, he was well informed of the total sum, where the money came from, and the dates of the transfers. Franken was also one of the signers of a confidential agreement in November 2004.

Unscrupulous dealings with a center for children and the elderly? That’s pretty low.

Other elements of his past are coming to light. For instance, in 1976, Franken said, “I just don’t like homosexuals.”

Al Franken: A Serial Groper?

In mid-November, the first in a myriad of sexual misconduct allegations came to light against Senator Franken. Accusations ranged from sexual assault to harassment to inappropriate behavior.

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